Pest & Dry Rot / Wood Destroying Organism Inspections

A Structural Pest & Dry Rot Inspection, often referred to as a Wood Destroying Organism (WDO) Inspection, reports on the existence and apparent causes of wood-destroying insect infestations and dry rot issues. There are two general categories of reportable conditions: 1) actual structural damage caused by an infestation of termites, carpenter ants, powder post beetles, or wood decay fungi, and 2) conducive conditions such as excessive moisture, inadequate ventilation, direct contact between wood and earth, etc., which, if left uncorrected, may eventually lead to infestation and structural damage.

Although a Home Inspection does include an examination of the crawl space area and plumbing system, the WDO Inspection is considered to be a separate inspection process by the State of Oregon. The WDO Inspection is performed in accordance with the standards as adopted by The American Institute of Inspectors® and is performed on the basis of visible evidence in readily accessible areas of the structure.

The WDO Inspection Report goes beyond reporting conditions, as is done in a Home Inspection; it also makes recommendations for repairs. We do not perform repairs, but we can assist you by providing a list of independent contractors who do perform the type of repairs we have recommended.

It is to your advantage to have a reputable contractor to complete the necessary repairs. A contractor experienced with the types of repairs specific to your situation can properly complete the necessary repairs in a minimal amount of time.