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Federal Pacific Electric Panel Information -
Polybuylene pipe litigation -
Synthetic Stucco -
Searchable database of Recalled Products since 1973 -
Expert advice for your home -
Helpful instructions for do it yourself home projects -
Alliance to Save Energy -

Owner’s manuals and installation instructions
Heating and Air Conditioning

Oregon Office of State Fire Marshall - Smoke Alarm Frequently asked Questions

Oregon Construction Contractors Board (C.C.B.) Home Page - The Construction Contractors Board was created in 1971 as the Builders Board and is responsible for safeguarding the security and property of the citizens of Oregon by preventing and resolving construction contracting problems and by insuring contractors' compliance with the law.

Oregon Construction Contractors license search - The Construction Contractors Board updates contractor license records on a twice-daily basis as information is processed by C.C.B. staff. Search by business name, contractor name, license number, or telephone number.

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Information Page - Nine steps to buying a home.

Oregon Department of Environmental Quality - Air, land, and water quality information.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Indoor Air Quality Information Page - Various indoor air quality topics.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Mold Information Page - Mold-related publications and resources.

Do I need a permit? - Oregon Building Codes Division "Permits Protect" website. This website includes links to permit issues for structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical repairs. This covers who needs a permit and under what circumstances.

Oregon Building Codes Division Manufactured Home Ownership information page - Includes information and links specific to owning and selling manufactured homes.

Oregon Lead Poisoning Prevention Program - Lead poisoning is a significant environmental health problem, yet it is entirely preventable. The Lead Poisoning Prevention Programs were established to respond to concerns about lead and its effect on the health of Oregon's citizens.

Oregon Radiation Protection Services (Radon Gas) - Radon is an odorless, tasteless, colorless Noble gas that is inert (non-reactive) and found in varying concentrations throughout the United States with moderate levels found in some areas of Oregon.

Oregon Environmental Toxicology Program (Household Mold and Mildews) - Mold and mildew are simple, microscopic organisms that can grow virtually anywhere if they have adequate moisture, nutrients and appropriate temperatures. Some molds produce true allergic sensitization and allergic reactions in susceptible people. Some molds produce toxic by-products that could be harmful to skin, and poisonous if ingested or inhaled in quantity.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Asbestos and Vermiculite Page - Topics including general information about asbestos and its health effects, commonly used asbestos acronyms, and asbestos resources available to the public.

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Indoor Air Quality - Mold Page - Topics including "Ten Things You Should Know About Mold," Health and Mold, Indoor Air Regulations and Mold, and information about mold in homes, schools, and commercial buildings.

General Resources
National Crime Prevention Council "Preventing Identify Theft: A Guide for Consumers" brochure
National Crime Prevention Council Home Security Checklist
U.S. Fire Administration "Working Together for Home Fire Safety" brochure
Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. - Room-by-room safety tips